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Creaking noise when turning sharp to left on right wheel.. CV Axle bad?

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So I am trying to diagnose what is making this noise. I lifted the Van and put it in drive and turned the wheel all the way to the left with wheels spinning and the noise is gone. But if it is on the ground and turning to the left it makes a creaking/grinding noise intermittently like at specific points of the wheel turning not the entire way around. I am still leaning towards CV joints of the axle being bad but what else could it be? Also this is a 2005 Sienna.
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Could be a half shaft, or it could be some part rubbing on some other part due to worn front-end pieces. I've also had what I would describe as creaking from a shot wheel bearing. The worst was from a broken spring which was pointed out by a tire shop. I had to drive it 2 doors down to a regular mechanic and, apparently, instead of pulling the broken spring chunk out, they left it on and lowered the lift. The chunk creaked and squealed against something until I turned and then wedged against the brand new tires and started smoking like crazy. Good thing it was only 2 doors down!
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