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Crossed the jumper cables

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I have a problem; when I went to jump the car I crossed the cables. I replaced a few fuses that were blown and checked every single fuse and relay under hood,dashboard and the ones way up inside the dash board. The stop switch appears to be fine. But there's one more thing; when I jump start the car with my jumper box: the car starts and it revs but when I take the jumper box off: it immediately cuts off. I just don't want to even think I fried the alternator by simply crossing the cables.
Also the brake lights don't work,a/c,radio and the car won't even shift out of park. Can anybody please tell me something I don't know? It's a 2007 sienna. Your help will be highly appreciated.
By the way I'm a collision tech. So I have a great assortment of tools- just not any mechanical experience.
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You aren't the first one to do this, but it will take some digging to find the previous post with the full data dump on what the fix was. I think it ended up being the fusible link in the underhood fuse box. When you remove the cover you will see a clear plastic window with some thick bars in it. On the left is an exposed nut. IIRC, one of the fuses in there, pretty large - like 175 amps, is for the alternator. That might have been blown, along with others. Exactly how you get in there to check and change it, I don't remember.
I'll start digging thanks fibber
Couldn't find anything...anybody?
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