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We test-drove a new LE and an SE back to back and noticed a few differences from our '13 LE fwd with 58K on it.The new LE felt a lot tighter in the handling department than our '13 LE. And of course, the display was a lot nicer, including the backup camera. The new SE felt a lot heavier as far as steering feel, both off-center and 'on. And of course, the SE handled corners better than the LE. The 2015's both wear Michelin tires, which I suspect are better than the Firestone's that came on the older LE.
With about a $3300.00 difference between the two levels, we will probably purchase the SE, and we plan to tow a lighter camper trailer. The question now is when the right time is? Any feed-back, please? We plan on using either Costco or Consumers Union to negotiate the best deal. Thanks for advice. Darrell
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