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cylinder block coolant drain plug

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I have a 2017 2GR- FKS, and I don't know where to look to find the cylinder block coolant drain plug.

Thanks in advance.

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My 2011 V6 had two block drains. The one on the front bank was down close to the oil dip stick. If I remember right, you had to use a mirror to see it. To get to the drain on the back side, you had to jack up the car, and you would see it once you get under there. Both are a short tube with a 10mm nut that opens the petcock. If you don’t drain the block you’re only draining about half of the coolant.

Also, I’ve experienced radiator leaks on Toyotas after using aftermarket pink antifreeze. The last several antifreeze changes I’ve done, I bought Toyota’s antifreeze, and haven’t had any radiator leaks.
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