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We are even, then. My wife backed into a mailbox and broke out a tail light. It was a 2023 Sienna XLE 7 passenger AWD, with only 4200 miles. So, you messed up your wifes, and my wife messed up mine. So we are even, right? I fixed hers..ordered a new tail light, had it put in by a local body shop. Total cost for tail light and install was $184.00. I bet your dent is more than that, probably many times more..unless it can be fixed with "paintless" dent repair.
Last year I had hail damage and a guy who specializes in this fixed all the hail dents..I think like 40 of them...for around $800, and it looks like it was new. No painting, but there is much skill in doing this.
Repaining a car is expensive..if you expect it to match factory. It could easily cost $1000 or more just to have the dent repainted, so if you can use paintless dent repair it will save you a ton. My "dent specialist" says dont try to do it yourself, it will make it harder for him. He has years of experience and I watched him..he is amazing. There is a skill at "getting the dent out", but not too far out, where you have to push it back in...without cracking the paint.
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