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Well you need to remember that 90% of today’s cars are just a bunch of cheap plastic and soft metal. If you’ve ever seen a rear end crash up close- the front of the car just comes flying off. Like a kid crashing a lego vehicle. And that’s why you see so many crashed car bumpers just left laying on side of road . Don’t ever assume that you have a real bumper that could take a minor collision.
While what you say is certainly true, it feels like--and apologies if I'm misinterpreting!--like it's being negative about modern car design. Remember that much of that crushability is deliberate, to attenuate crash forces. While a modern car might be totalled by a shunt that an older vehicle would have survived, the inverse/converse/perverse is also true: a modern car driver will survive many accidents that would not be survivable in an older vehicle. I'm sure we've all seen modern crash aftermath photos where someone walked away from what barely looks like a car any more.

Bottom line: I'd rather spend the $ on bodywork than on, well, body work :)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts