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Hi!. First post here!. We are about to purchase a Toyota Sienna 2023 here in Mexico City. We have been waiting since May 2022 because of units shortage.

It's nice we will get a 2023 model because 2022 is about to end, but the price difference between 2022 and 2023 in my trim is 1500 USD (XLE) when the seller told me there are almost no changes or differences. He doesn't know for real because the specs are not availed yet on dealers, but I'm wondering if someone knows is there is a new feature in 2023 models or design exterior differences at all?

I know more manufacturers only add minor changes to trims from year to year when the generation is the same, but I'm trying to figure it out if there is at least small changes in exterior or interior when we compare 2022 vs 2023? somebody knows? at least a "new button"?

As an example, I have a Mazda 2017 AWD CX9 and when the 2018 version was avail, the only difference I found was the front parking sensors.

I will really appreciate any feedback.
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