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Disabled drl and got factory fogs to run with parking lights on factory switch

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I did some schematic studying and a little testing of sorts. I ended up wiring the fog lights to come on with parking lights via the factory stalk. I also disabled drl, which is pretty easy. This is on a 2013 se, whether your year the same I haven't a clue. Also, if you attempt to do this don't come yelling at me if it doesn't work. I basically used a couple relays and a diode to boot. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be a need for the relays but I felt the relays and the way I set it up would keep any kind of redundancy out of the question.

That being said, the factory fog light relay trigger is red/wht pin 40 connector 2f at the integration module (instrument panel J/B Below) behind drivers side dash. The factory trigger from the stalk is red, pin 27 connecter D13 at the same module. I disconnected the red and ran it to my relay, the downside to this is the little fog light indicator on dash doesn't light up. I'm real positive I didn't need to do it that way and will probably connect it back. I wouldn't doubt that the only thing a person would need to do would be to jumper the red to the red/wht but sometimes I don't trust factory ecms and them being finicky so again I used the relays. I also used the high beam to cut power to the fogs just to keep it more along the factory settings. Red/wht is negative trigger and the red throws a ground.

The drl relay trigger is pin13 I basically cut the wire and capped the ends.

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Really want to do this. But it'll probably take me a couple of days to really understand what you did. Lol. I'm not very good with wiring. Thanks for doing all the research and figuring it out.
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