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Discount Tires Warranty, is it worth it when buying new tires?

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It was disappointing to find out that the sidewall puncture is not repairable on one of my General Altimax RT43’s. I picked up a sheet metal screw while in South Dakota last month. It has a slow leak and loses about 1psi per day. I think I could have got another 15k miles out of them otherwise. I am having a set of 235/60/R18 Michelin Defender T+H installed this week and decided to up the aspect ratio +1 since I have a 2” lift installed and do road trips and camping in national forests. Discount Tires will be doing the install and they offer a “Warranty Certificate” for $30+ per tire which lasts for 3 years. The warranty will replace a damaged tire no questions asked.

I was wondering if you guys think that is a good idea to have or if most of you self-insure and consider the risks low.
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I never get the warranty but it definitely helped get me a new tire for one of my vehicles due to a big gash in the tire that was not repairable. It happened the day after I purchased the tires. The sales agent was able to add the warranty which was still cheaper than a new tire.

Recently purchased new tires for my van and was able to talk down the price of the certificates. I don't know if it's every location but my location was willing to deal. I pretended to not be interested in the initial interaction but when my van was ready and it was time to pay, I inquired again and they gave it to me for half price.

The thing with warranties is that nothing happens when you buy it but when you don't buy it it happens!!! 😂 It's the roll of the dice.
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