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Do not use brake grease on your caliper pins

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I've tried the CRC Synthetic Brake Grease on my caliper pins and all it does is harden up over time. I just redid the front brakes again and the pins would barely move. This, inturn, wears the pads unevenly. This time I am using the following stuff:

Rubber Grease
Toyota p/n: 08887-01206
About $8 / 100g tube.

Supposedly this is the factory stuff used/provided with brake caliper rebuild kits. It's pink in color.


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Interesting....I've always used the caplier lube on the pins, without any issues. The stuff I use says that's it meant be be used on the pad contact points, backing shims and slider pins. On my 2nd brake job on the Sienna, the slider pins were still very easy to move. I just did that brake job about a month ago and lubed the pins. If I get some time here soon I may yank a caliper and check it out. I'll post back when I do.
Well...a bit late on my update. I changed the pads back in early June and cleaned and re-lubed the pins using the little packs of caliper grease they gave me. Just a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to checking the sliding action of the pins. Well...they were rather sticky. I went to Advanced Auto Parts and bought some dedicated synthetic pin-lube....cleaned and lubed again. Seems better...less brake dust on the rims.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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