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Driveway windshield replacement on 2014 Limited

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I am putting this in the General Discussion forum since this isn't about a DIY project.

Safelite replaced my 2014 Sienna Limited's PGW windshield with a Pilkington windshield today in my driveway due to a Thanksgiving Day rock chip that was growing slowly into a crack. This is the third windshield on this van. The original factory installed PGW windshield was replaced in 2014 with another OEM PGW windshield since aftermarket acoustic windshields were not yet available.

Both OEM PGW windshields had identical markings including "ACOUSTIC" imprinted on the lower driver side corner. The aftermarket Pilkington has its markings on the lower passenger side corner and an "ear" graphic to denote that it is acoustic. I verified that both old and new windshields have the exact same thickness - a hair over 5 mm.

The main reason I am submitting this post is to show the wiper blade heater grid since there have been questions on how it works. Attached photos show the connector for the wiper blade heater grid on the old windshield and the grid itself on the inside lower portion of the new windshield. I hope the photo titles adequately describe the images.

The replacement was uneventful and professional and took approximately 2 hours. There was no cost for the replacement since we carry zero deductibles on comprehensive coverage except for my giving the tech enough to buy a nice lunch at a non-fast food restaurant as a reward for his good work.

I'm letting the van sit overnight before I drive it to make absolutely sure that the adhesive has dried.


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I had Safelite also replace my windshield a few years ago (when my 2014 was less than a year old) due to a chip that became much bigger (went down to the hood) and they replaced it with a Pilkington acoustic also. I do recommend getting the work done at the shop instead of at home because at home, at least, the one guy is removing and installing the big windshield alone. My tech ended up scratching the outside of the A-pillar -- not deeply but into the clear coat which was annoying on our pretty new van. It probably didn't help that our driveway is too small for the Sienna and so the guy replaced it on my Sienna that was parked on the street. At the shop hopefully they would do it more easily and without damaging your car. I would also make sure the installer is careful about the "weatherstripping" (or whatever it's called) that goes between the windshield frame and the windshield, as our guy did a slightly sloppy job that kind of bothered me. I would probably buy the OEM weatherstripping though, as it fits precisely and looks and fits "better."

Anyway, luckily our new windshield has been going strong for the past 3+ years.
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