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My husband and I have been on a road trip with our pets for the last 3 months in our new '21 LE. It's been amazing! We are now going to Mexico to spend time with his father before he dies. We will be there for 6 months to maybe even a couple years.

One of the options we're thinking of is driving through Baja and taking a ferry to the Pacific coast, then driving to Oaxaca.

Has anyone here done that? We are most nervous about taking a new, 4 month old car through Mexico. I've read all about the roads being bad, taking toll roads, etc. Mostly we're worried about sticking out in a new car. It's the most basic of Siennas, doesn't even have a roof rack, and is dark blue. Am I being overly cautious?

Looking from responses from people that have actually road tripped through Mexico... Thanks!
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