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DVD player won't eject

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2004 CE with a dealer installed Audiovox overhead DVD player will not eject the disc. I can recite the entire movie and the kids are about to explode. Has anyone else encountered the same issue? Any ideas for a solution other than removing the unit to take it in to an electronics repair shop?
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2009-10 toyota sienna
my dvd wouldn't eject either.
oddly enough it was playing, but he but the button didn't respond, and the remote wouldn't work.
there is no pin hole.
credit card trick? are kidding me? (spoiler: it scratch out the dvd)
did the disconnect battery. no wormy.

What worked for me was to remove the fuse. on a 2009.5 it's the bottom row that says 'RSE' 7.5A. I thought it was blown, at this point my attitude was why not. So I unplugged, checked(it was ok) and reinserted. turned the key to acc and pressed the eject. and it ejected. I don't know why and i don't have the time to find out why. Why removing the fuse is different than unplugging the battery.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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