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DVD player won't eject

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2004 CE with a dealer installed Audiovox overhead DVD player will not eject the disc. I can recite the entire movie and the kids are about to explode. Has anyone else encountered the same issue? Any ideas for a solution other than removing the unit to take it in to an electronics repair shop?
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I don't know anything about your particular system, but you might check for a pin hole near the DVD loading area, usually below the slot on the left side that you could stick a straightened paperclip into to manually eject the disc.

Good luck!
Have you tried contacting Audiovox? I have trouble believing you're going to find an easy answer to the problem by taking the unit down. If you don't get anywhere with Audiovox tech support, I think I'd take it to a local shop that deals in Audiovox and see if they had an easy fix. If not, you're almost certainly looking at replacing the whole thing. At least it's already pre-wired so installation shouldn't be too bad.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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