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DVD player won't eject

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2004 CE with a dealer installed Audiovox overhead DVD player will not eject the disc. I can recite the entire movie and the kids are about to explode. Has anyone else encountered the same issue? Any ideas for a solution other than removing the unit to take it in to an electronics repair shop?
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It depends on whether your eject mechanism is working or not. If you can hear the mechanism trying to eject the CD, you should be able to either press the CD in slightly or move it up or down to get the CD out.
If the mechanism is dead, it'll be a bit difficult.
I don't have experience with car players, but on most CD systems at home, you can access the CD mechanism from the bottom and move it with your finger or a screw-driver and it'll eventually come out.

Contacting Audiovox is a good idea.

Here's another tip:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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