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Hi everyone, just got a 2011 Ltd w/ CX/PT packages. Will write my review later, but I had a quick question about the easy/auto/comfort access feature for the driver's seat ie the seat slides back when you are are getting out of the car and slides forward when you have gotten in and press the start button to at least "on" -- is this something that can be turned off? I'm about 5'9" and don't really need to be reaching w/ my leg for the break pedal to turn the car on (w/ push-button start); my wife will have to reach even farther. Also, access is roomy enough that I don't really need the seat all the way back when I get in. Tried the owner's manual already. Thanks in advance.
An old thread, but it can be turned off, or changed to a lesser retraction which we did
since we are less tall than you.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts