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Engine, VSC & Trac Off light on

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Last Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 I force my 2008 Minivan from a stock of snow to get out from parking. After 15 kilometer trip the engine, VSC & Trac off light comes on. What is the possible cause and how to deal with it and also how to erase the lights on the dash board.
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Disconnecting the battery for 60 seconds and then reconnecting will get rid of the dash lights. If the problem that caused the lights is still present, the lights will be back on shortly after the battery is reconnected. There is a good chance that the lights will not come back if the problem was a transient one.
Please don't take that approach to clearing a stored code. It also resets the stored values for the throttle plate that are essential for starting and idle control. Toyota eliminated the separate IAC on these models, so the learned position to meter a very small amount of air can be wildly thrown off by this procedure. There is a remedy if you find you cannot restart the van, or it keeps stalling, but why go this route? Instead, visit your local autoparts store, ask them to read out the code, and then clear it as a test.
[h=2]Engine, AWD & Trac Off light on why?[/h]
gas cap, i had same problem after filling up didnt put cap on correctly. open cap and closed it properly, light gone. That was my issue
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