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EV/hybrid conversion from ICE

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Hello everyone,

4th gen styling looks very unattractive to me in addition to no 8 passenger beyond LE trim. So I'm thinking of keeping our 3rd gen and doing EV/hybrid conversion. While my question is specific to gen 3 but I think it's applicable to older gen too. I'm looking for some input from DIYers (whom do more than just oil change) or mechanics regarding space and technicality of converting a (gen 3) 2015 FWD to quad EV motors, battery pack, and 600 CC motorcycle engine with gearbox to drive a few alternators. I realize venturing into unexplored territory will have unknown costs (for parts and labor). But seeing options out there, I don't really have much choice unfortunately. With all this (urgent) drive to go green, it seems none of the current manufacturers design their vehicles to be upgradable, within reason, like computers. How much carbon foot print is needed into a vehicle that could be upgradable [1] ... not to mention that styling is very subjective.
  • Space: removing the engine, transmission, exhaust, gas tank should leave plenty of room for 2 rear and 2 front motors for hybrid 4x4 (hoping to implement pseudo locking differential). The battery pack will be installed underneath between the axles and a small pack where the gas tank was. The motorcycle engine driving a few alternators will be in the front where the engine was. There should be half engine bay left for the "frunk".
  • Motor control: I'll probably inquire with AEM if they have or could possibly come up with a solution to control the EV motors.
  • Battery control: I'll probably need to check for CoTS or other means for a reliable BCM/BMS.
  • Vehicle functions: power steering, AC, etc are either done by the motorcycle engine with modifications or converted to electronic counterpart.
  • Ride height: Probably lifted a couple of inches for battery pack, ground clearance for snow and, possibly, off road.
The attached image is the approximate dimensions of the Tesla motor in case I want to use Tesla's instead of other generics. (Courtesy of Tesla Large Drive Unit Dimensions)


[1] "The vehicles are shredded and the metal content is recovered for recycling, while in many areas, the rest is further sorted by machine for recycling of additional materials such as glass and plastics. The remainder, known as automotive shredder residue, is put into a landfill."
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So I'm thinking of
How much do you anticipate spending, budget, etc.?
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