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I finally did this on my 05 XLE with 205k. Those plastic tees were stuck to the hose so had to use a hose tool to loosen them. One of the tees just fell apart. The other one cracked easily so definitely fatigued. Replaced one with brass 3/4x5/8x3/4, tight fit and used larger hose clamps. I couldn’t fit another brass tee same size on the other hoses, too tight. So I opted for oem plastic tee. Fit just right and used oem spring clamps. I used the plastic tee on the outside set of hoses so they’ll be easier to replace next time. The other brass tee should last the life of the van.
Replaced both vvt solenoids also since there’s small oil leak coming from there.
Next is replacing the differential and transfer case fluid but that’s for another post.
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