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Hello all,

I found this forum while searching for a phone mount for my 2020 Sienna LE. I found this message thread on this board and bought an iOttie Easy OneTouch 4 based on the recommendation. However, iOttie has changed the base for this mount from a flexible rubber base to a hard plastic disc which didn't work on my Sienna's dashboard surface. I contacted iOttie customer service through Twitter and they stated they would send me a flexible rubber base that they found in their warehouse but it has been over a month and I am still waiting.

I was desperate for a solution since my current vent mount kept falling out after a period of time and also during sudden breaking due to the long flanges on the Sienna's air vents. The solution I found was this vent mount called the AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount 2022 Upgraded Gravity Car Phone Mount on Amazon. This mount accomodates the large flanges on the Sienna air vent and it also has a hook and tightener systems that can be adjusted to tighten to different lengths to keep the mount in place.

I know some folks don't like vent mounts at all but this solution has worked for me and hope it can help others who are searching for a solution.
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