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This is my debut here and let me say in advance that I appreciate any help or advice provided. I did a search but it didn't really answer all my questions so I'll proceed.

First, some background...
My wife backed our 2011 Sienna van into my truck and seriously damaged the right rear corner/bumper of the van. It is probably beyond repair due to creases in the metal on the side right behind the right-rear wheel (quarter panel area.) So instead of turning it into my insurance and facing a deductable/rate hike, (this is not her first fender bender) I thought I would simply pruchase a replacement bumper and then have a local body shop paint it to match the gold color of our van.

Two questions:
1. When buying a replacement is there anything I should beware of or can someone recommend a good quality aftermarket source for a 2011 bumper?

2. Is there anything tricky about replacing the bumper that I need to know in order to get through this as painlessly as possible?

Thanks Gentlemen, I sincerely appreciate the guidance.

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