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Floor Mats & Middle Seats - 2015 Sienna

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just purchased a nice 2015 Toyota Senna minivan. I will be removing the middle seats so i was wondering if there is a market for the two middle seats. Also, available is the Whether Tech floors mats which in near new condition. There are two for the fronts seats, and one rear mat. This covers in front of the rear seat, and the middle seat and is joined between the seats. Can someone give me an idea of a reasonable price, may help someone fixup a used van?

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Update on the middle seats .... i have been advised to save the middle seats. If I every sell the van, buyers will expect the seats to be available. So, only the floors mats are available .... like new condition and only a few months old, so would $100 be reasonable?
I was sliding the middle seats back and forth, with the mats in when i purchased the van. Unfortunately, the seats are not in the van now. Mats are in near new condition. I believe the family only had the mats a couple of months. I'm thinking about $80 is fair, may be $60 for a easy local sale.

1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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