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Fog Light and US type turning/light switch knob for Canadian XSE

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yup, the XSE non-tech-pack doesn't have fog light in Canada
althought it doesn't have the fog light
the wires and connectors are already there
what you need is a fog light and a turning/light knob with fog switch

The Canadian XSE knob vs the US knob(?) with fog light and drl off
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3 screws to take over the wheel covers
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Its just 2 screws securing the knob, take it out and plugin the new knob

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The fog light kit with harness and switch
only need the fog light for XSE

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The wire and connector found behind the bumper
just plug it into the fog light

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Done, an easy upgrade for the Canadian XSE


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China/Taiwan spec, rear fog light not mandatory in US/Canada market.
BTW, highlander and sienna use same knob. might cheaper and easier to find with keyword "highlander".

US spec PN
Yes. Also, there was another harness that was taped to other wires that is not bing used. Anyone know what could this be for? I only saw it on the passenger side. I do not think I saw one on the driver side.

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it's for front bumper sonars.
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