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yup, the XSE non-tech-pack doesn't have fog light in Canada
althought it doesn't have the fog light
the wires and connectors are already there
what you need is a fog light and a turning/light knob with fog switch

The Canadian XSE knob vs the US knob with fog and drl off
View attachment 57155

3 screws to take over the wheel covers
View attachment 57158

Its just 2 screws securing the knob, take it out and plugin the new knob

View attachment 57160

The fog light kit with harness and switch
only need the fog light for XSE

View attachment 57157

The wire and connector found behind the bumper
just plug it into the fog light

View attachment 57151
View attachment 57159

View attachment 57153

Done, an easy upgrade for the Canadian XSE
That's an awesome install you did! How did you access the fog lights location, did you go underneath it or by the wheel well? Do you have the link for the fog lights & the light knob? I just have a '22 LE & I looked under it & it got wiring for the fog lights, so im just wondering if it's the same case with my LE. Thanks & hoping for your help!馃檪馃憤馃徏

38 Posts
this is exactly the one i have锛宯ice find
Hi there, just to clarify, will this switch knob with P/N is 84329-02050 will work on our Sienna or the one you said you have? US $48.17 30%OFF | Auto Headlight Closing Handle Sensor Switch Fog Light Button For Toyota RAV4 2019-2022 84329-33060...
Are they pretty much the same or different? Also on your pic, do you need to connect just one connector or both on the fog lights? Bec i saw two connectors there and just wondering if you need to connect both or just the smaller one. Thanks
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