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Fog Light and US type turning/light switch knob for Canadian XSE

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yup, the XSE non-tech-pack doesn't have fog light in Canada
althought it doesn't have the fog light
the wires and connectors are already there
what you need is a fog light and a turning/light knob with fog switch

The Canadian XSE knob vs the US knob(?) with fog light and drl off
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3 screws to take over the wheel covers
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Its just 2 screws securing the knob, take it out and plugin the new knob

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The fog light kit with harness and switch
only need the fog light for XSE

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The wire and connector found behind the bumper
just plug it into the fog light

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Done, an easy upgrade for the Canadian XSE


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Just tried to do this over the weekend. How did you remove the turn signal switch? Other than the two screws, is there a clip or anything I need to push down to remove it?

I removed the two screws but it would not slide out. I tried pulling on it but did not want to pull too hard as I was nervous I might break something on my $40K six month old vehicle. Any advice?
might be this clip on the photo
View attachment 57299
I tried again today. I pushed on the clip and pulled with my fingernails but the stalk still would not come off. I’ll just have it done at the dealership. I was planning to have them install the fog lights anyway so I’ll ask them to do the turn signal stalk as well. I couldn’t fit my hand in the side of the bumper like how you did to tighten the fog lights enough. Not enough room for my hands.

I can confirm P/N 84329-0R020 is the correct part number. However, i notice its a little different from OPs. Looks like OP has two options of fog light setting instead of one. I am curious, what does both those settings do?
Found this one that shown will fit the 2021 Sienna on Aliexpress. not sure why price different between the one labelled DRL OFF and just symbol O.

Nice find. In one of the seller’s picture, it actually explains the two fog light settings for me. The top setting is for rear fog lamps and the bottom setting is for front fog lamps. I assume the top setting (rear fog lamps) do not apply to Siennas?
Oh cool. I did not know the rear bumper lights were standard for Canada models.
No, we don't have rear fog in Canada, may be in China or Taiwan market.
Ahh gotcha.

here is a short video shown how to take off the knob

Thank you for this video. I was able to finally get it off and install the used turn signal I got from ebay.
I bought a headlight switch from the same seller, but after I installed the US version of the LE, the high beams can't be turned on normally, and it can't be used. Very sad QQ.

Does anyone know which part number to buy for the US version? Thank you
P/N 84329-0R020 is the US version. Turn signal switch with the fog light.
I was able to complete this mod this morning. Probably best mod to do for an LE. Thank you jays3l33t

Here are the part numbers:
LAMP ASSY FOG RH - 81210-08040
LAMP ASSY FOG LH - 81220-08040

Total if buying OEM from an online Toyota Dealership website is under $300.00.
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Yes. Also, there was another harness that was taped to other wires that is not bing used. Anyone know what could this be for? I only saw it on the passenger side. I do not think I saw one on the driver side.

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it's for front bumper sonars.
Thank you for confirming banson99
I believe most of us went thru the fender liner similar to this guy who installed lights on his XSE. It will be very tight.
Called US dealer today to ask about P/N for the switch that can contol fog lights ON/OFF
it is 84329-0E040
P/N 84329-0E040 is Taiwan spec I think. I just googled it and it has the rear fog lamp option similar to OP images.
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