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I have 2 brand new never installed Motorsport-Tech Adaptec 20 mm hub centric wheel spacers that I got for my 2013 Sienna XLE. They have the 5x114.3 bolt pattern and 60.1 hub center, aluminum body and 10.9 bolts. They will fit most Toyota and Lexus vehicles.
What happened is back in 2012 I bought H&R wheel spacers for my 2010 Lexus RX350 which is almost a mechanical twin to the Sienna. I took the spacers off when I traded the RX350 for the Sienna. I thought they were 25mm spacers. So I ordered a set of 20mm Spacers from Motorsport Tech. for the front wheels as that is what everyone on the forum recommends to prevent rubbing.
They arrived on May 12, 2020. When I went to install them I got as far as starting to bolt one on before noticing that all were the same size! My memory must be going. So I have no use for these.
If you also want a pair of my old H&R 20mm wheel spacers I can work something out to sell those too as I just ordered some 15mm ones for the front.
I paid $145 including $25 shipping.
Asking $110 OBO with shipping included, and you won't have to wait 6 weeks for them!


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