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Frequency of oil changes

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We have a 2022 XSE- Since the dealer uses synthetic oil, how many miles do you change the oil? Its only been 5K miles and my Service Soon light is on and less than a year.
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There are actually two mileage countdowns, one is 5000 miles and the other is 10000 miles for the oil change. The maintenance reminder on the MID comes up as the 5000 mile countdown is nearing 0. The oil change 10000 mile countdown is shown on the odometer display. (cycles between total miles, trip A, trip B, and oil countdown. They are supposed to reset only the 5000 mile countdown at the 5000, 15000, 25000 mile interval and reset both every 10000 miles. The dealer staff does not seem to know this and resets both every time.
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