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Frequency of oil changes

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We have a 2022 XSE- Since the dealer uses synthetic oil, how many miles do you change the oil? Its only been 5K miles and my Service Soon light is on and less than a year.
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The maintenance light is not intended to tell you specifically that an oil change is needed. That’s why it says “maintenance due soon” and not “oil change due soon”. If you reference your 2022 Maintenance and Warranty Guide, you will see the maintenance required is every 5000 miles, and that it only says to change oil at 5000 miles if you do repeated trips under 5 miles below freezing temps, tow, use a car top carrier, or have heavy loading, drive on dusty or dirty roads, or have excessive idling like a police, taxi, or delivery vehicle. Otherwise the oil changes are specified at 10,000 mile intervals, and the 5000 mile in between maintenance is typically (but not always, refer to the manual for your specific mileage) just for tire rotations and general visual inspections.
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So the maintenance reminder is just a 5000 mile countdown. Note it counts down from the time it was reset, not every 5000 miles on the odometer, and comes on a few hundred miles before the actual 5000 mark saying “soon” and drops the “soon” part once you cross the 5000 mile mark.

I’ll leave it up to you how often you decide to actually change your oil. I won’t get into the how often you should change your oil, except for saying my experience and testing on other vehicles indicates the manufacturer specs have been just fine for me, and that you can always test your oil with a place like Blackstone Labs to see if it’s good or needs to be replaced sooner (or if it can even be run longer) which I have done in the past on other vehicles.
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