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Front bumper needs R+R. What parts needed?

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2011 LE has front bumper damage from getting backed into at the store.

I would like to buy all parts just so I have them prior to removal and return what’s not used.

This is what I have as parts list so far but would like input if I have missed something. Also what are the push pin size, 7mm or 10mm or a combination of both?

Parts list
  • Bumper cover
  • Upper bumper mount bracket (2)
  • Grill insert
  • Retaining push clips ( not sure size or amount needed)
  • Missing anything?

If I wanted to replace the faded headlights this would be the time to do them when the bumper is off correct?
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Prep and paint before installing. Keep in mind aftermarket parts don't have good fitment.
Are you going to paint the bumper cover yourself or have a shop do it? Each of the several times we've had bumper covers painted or repainted, it was done with the bumper cover off the vehicle on a special stand that was made to hold them.

If you are going to have a shop paint the new bumper cover, it might not be worth doing the removal and installation yourself since it takes very little time to remove and replace the grill and bumper cover if it's done by a person with experience. I've only removed and reinstalled a couple of front bumper covers including the one on our Sienna and I'd bet I could remove the Sienna grill and bumper cover in less than 15 minutes by myself and reinstall it in slightly more time with a helper. A helper is useful to align the tabs where the cover meets the fender so you can "slap it" into place.

The plastic headlight lenses can be refinished to look like new as long as they're not broken. I've done it a number of times on other vehicles using a $20 to $25 refinishing kit purchased at an auto parts store. I paid a Toyota dealer around $75 IIRC to refinish the headlight lenses on our Sienna several years ago and the process they used seems to be holding up better than the kits I used.

I assume that the two brackets you mentioned are the ones that the headlights also attach to. I don't remember them being separate parts but it's been a few years since I did it. Here's a link a photo of our Sienna with the front bumper cover removed:

I think there's only three plastic clips holding the bumper cover on beneath the grill and one clip and one screw in each wheel well. The bumper cover is mainly held on by the 10mm bolts at the bottom of the cover. Here's a link to another photo showing the front of the bumper cover with the grill removed:

You're list looks complete to me. It's surprising how little is holding the bumper covers in place.

Also, line up the tabs on the ends of the bumper cover with the slots in the fenders BEFORE you screw in any bolts or other fasteners. I've found necessary to flex the bumper cover to get the tabs to pop into their slots which is about impossible if any of the fasteners have already been inserted.
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I went through this on a 2009, I decided to have a local chevy dealer do it. Mostly because there would be paint work to be done. The covers come unpainted and can be color matched. The toyota covers are 300 to 400 . What else is damaged is hard to say until you take the cover off. The impact absorber was bashed in pretty good in my case. The center grill piece was scuffed up but just got a repaint and looked fine. One of the headlight mounts got bent bad. But again you will not know for certain until you pull the cover and have a look. The headlights can be refreshed with a kit and look brand new, as long as the mounting tabs didnt break off from the hit.

Do you have a picture of the damage ?
Thx. for the replies. I didn’t mention that i was going to order it Pre painted. I would have it installed by a shop but my youngest is interested in helping do it so that’s why I’m going this route; Going to be a fall project when it’s a little cooler. Starting to source parts now.

How long do the HL polishing kits last before turning yellow?
Never had one turn yellow, they just cloud back up eventually.

The bumper project is not hard, just remember this is a 2009 I am referring to.
To get mine off I take out all of the bolts holding it to the underneath cover. The area by the wheelwell
Snaps in place so a firm pull will release it. You can have this off in literally 10 minutes.
You should look underneath and see what else is damaged. I had the radiator side mount bent, the ac condenser line was pushed right into this and probably would have chewed through the line had I not bent it back. I got it back from the shop this way too. Its good that I looked under after they were "done". The headlight bracket was mangled too. The cover slides into this also. Thats the picture attached. If you take it in insist on looking it over after the cover is off, I should have but did not. There was quite a bit of damage they completed ignored. They seemed focused only on the outer looks of it, which does look good by the way.


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