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Front Cigarette lighter socket not working

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Hi everyone,

Do you what the cause would be when both cigarette lighter sockets in the front of our 2006 sienna not functioning. Wife is tiffed that she can't charge her cell phone. It seems to be the entire circuit since the 115 ac sockets is also not functioning. I noticed that when I plugged in the kids adapter for their nintendo DS. I checked and even replaced the fuse to no avail.

Any thoughts on what else I can check despite bringing in to the dealer to check.

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The fuse was the obvious thing, but that's already been eliminated... unless the new fuse immediately blew, meaning the root cause is an overload or short somewhere. I would look at the new fuse, and test at the fuse location to see if there is power there, and work upstream or downstream from that point based on the result.
Is that the 15 amp fuse you replaced with another 15 amp?
Did you put a 10 amp fuse instead?

Regards, Jason.
That circuit is accessory-switched. Can we assume that other accessory circuits - such as the one powering the radio - still work, and thus it is not an ignition switch problem?

Also, I assume that these sockets worked previously, so something has failed recently. I also assume the problem occurs when the ignition key is in and turned on (as an accessory-switched circuit, it is not supposed to work without the key).
There are 2 fuses for the front power outlets (12 volt)

1 is the "cig" fuse and this is for outlet #1
1 is the "pwr outlet" and this is for outlet #2

Both are 15 amp.

Also there is a fuse for the 115 V. This is also 15 amp and is labled "AC INV".

What fuse did you replace?
Good catch, Rob. I forgot that the two front outlets have separate fuses, and I don't have the inverter (for the AC outlet). Is there a common larger fuse (or fusible link) or relay further "upstream" which supplies all three of these end circuits? When multiple things go wrong at once, it makes sense to look for what they have in common.
No common fuse or anthing that I know that ties them all together. They are all separate circuits.

Maybe the main switch for the 115V is turned off?

I am not to worried about the kids DS. ;)

The big beef is with his wife. ;D
Thanks for all the replies.

I have replaced the "cig" fuse with a 15A mini low profile fuse but will recheck it. I will also check the "pwr" outlet one.
Any updates on this? I have the exact problem. I actually want to put in USB outlets in place of the cigarette lighter plugs.
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