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Hi, I owned ToySien new 2015, within the first year noticed front 2 wheel start to degrading(Michelin Primacy MX). I have the promisse of 2 years warranty comes with when first bought, during the regular call-in for maintenance, I have had ask the advisor's why its worn-out so quickly(rotation/alightenment done)...His respond: oh well, just how Toyota designs the van, most of the van got wormed-out fast at front because its a front wheel drive...etc. I'd understood that is a front wheel drive, but there are something wrong that they did tell me. Now, at 26k I have to replaced 4 new tires (Micheline Defender) cost me 1k. This problem mentioned to me with others TS van owner as well...Can anyone have any clues regarding this issue?
Much appreciated!

PS. My other van is Chrysler Town Country and Toy Tacoma using Michelin tires for many years as well, but doesn't cause problem like this TS van. FYI, I use Nitrogen Air only.
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