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FS: Gently used Snow Tires + OEM Wheels + TPMS Sensors; Ready to go!

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Hello all!

Wanted to share a link to my ebay listing for a set of snow tires and wheels I'm selling. Used only two seasons. Thanks for considering!

Summary below (see listing for photos and details):
  1. Applies to 3rd gen Siennas (2011 - 2020)
  2. 235/60R17 Bridgestone Blizzak, 10/32" tread left.
  3. 17x7 OEM Wheels with center caps
  5. Tire Totes and Wheel Felts included
  6. Mounted, balanced, and ready to go!

4 Toyota Sienna XLE 17x7 OEM Wheels with 235 60 R17 Blizzak Snow Tires
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I have a bunch of 18" haggles tires that have under a 1k miles on them. I got them last year on the off chance that I expected to drive the vehicle in crisis' throughout the colder time of year in spite of the fact that I wound up utilizing them seldom. The tires are Dunlop SP winter Game 3D's in size 235/40/18 square arrangement. The wheels are Game Release A7. They in all actuality do have TPMS. The bundle was bought from Tirerack. I would lean toward pickup as I would envision delivery would be troublesome. I will take pictures this end of the week. Cost $950
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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