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Fuel Milage per Trip

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We purchased a ‘23 XLE in early December, trading in our 2016 RAV4 XLE Hybrid. We are loving the van so far, and will definitely appreciate the space when the third little crumb snatchers arrives later this month.
One thing I noticed is the fuel mileage displays only the total average since reset, where our RAV4 could display the fuel mileage for the trip (since last start) and the average since reset. I’ve toggled through the options but haven’t found an option to display the fuel mileage for the trip.
Anyone know if this is in the settings somewhere or just not available?
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Under vehicle settings in the MID, select Fuel Economy. There you can choose between lifetime, per tank, or per drive.
The setting for TOTAL doesn’t appear to be lifetime. My understanding is it resets in conjunction with the trip odometer. Happy to be corrected here if mistaken. I use TANK average anyway.
Quite possibly true, but I have not tested it on my 21. Pretty much always have it set on Tank. I have found that on other Toytotas (2022 model year) that when you hit the Update button on the Energy screen on the Head unit display, it also resets the fuel mileage when in Total mode (not really sure what the label is).
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