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GB: HIC JDM style window visors coming in Mid March PREORDERS available now

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Hey guys,

setting this up here now since the visors are coming in real soon.

If you're interested please PM me or message us here and I will be updating the list as it goes. So far we already have about 6 preordered from Instagram and Facebook VANkulture group. We only have a limited quantity so please let us know right away if you're interested! cost will be $60 shipped to anywhere in US except Hawaii which is 5 dollars more. International and Canada might be more so please message us on that.


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Hi cape are these still available??
Hi cape are these still available??
I'm also interested.

It looks like these visors sit on top of the door frame rather than "inside" the window frame (like the WeatherTechs)? The WT are nice but the side visors keep falling off due to being held up almost purely by a strip of not very sticky adhesive.
I want in, how long for shipping? Where do I send the paypal payment?
got one off ebay for $50 shipped and seller told me it fit on 2015.
For those interested. I think you can purchase these through Not sure if it's still gb price but these I great. I got mine through the gb and they're still on my van after plenty of car washes.
I just installed my set and it doesn't seem to be HIC because I do not see the logo on the visor at all. Here is the link to the seller I purchased from

Also I have a half an inch gap on the front.

Is it possible that the set I got is a no name brand?
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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