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We finally got a Gen2 LE.

It's a very different experience than owning an LE egg (other than obviously having the nearly-identical LE feature set). It's a lot more like what would happen if an Astro had a kid with a Lumina (in a good way), and then bred with a half-Camry/half-Previa, coming out with the best features of all of them (other than the sliding door issues).
Hard-core Previa owners will feel at home right away; for comparison, test drive an Oddysey first before you try a Gen2 (shudder... they're great, just not for me).

There are little homey/quirkey reminders of its heritage, like the straps that hold the tumbling seats, and the central dash speaker, and in particular the nearly-identical cloth interior (which hopefully will prove to have better seams, our prev seams always blew on the driver and middle seats).

The most drastic difference, of course, is that you need to watch the accelerator the first time you drive one. If you've got hundreds of thousands of miles of Previa experience, it's nearly close enough in feel and odor that your body may instinctively expect that classic lengthy delay between the time it takes for you press the pedal and the sleepy little gnomes that live under the seats to wake up and go shove the accelerator under the hood.
Instead of gnomes, you'll get whiplash. It has 266 horses, which is somewhat jarring if you're a long term resident of 4-CylinderVanistan like I am. And it's easy to forget that power is there at the pump. Careless driving still produces far better economy than any stock Previa.

Let me also add that it just sounds better.
(Review continued later, laptop out of juice)
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