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GEN4 tip of the Month

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The month of May is coming to an end, however, for the month of May, I do want to share 3 tips regarding rear rattles and rattling noises.

1) Rear seat belt mounting cover(s). On mine, one is more loose than the other. I’m taking Queso in for its 5k service, Im going to say it fell off and go from there. When tech re-installs it, I’ll say it’s loose and making harmonic resonance noises. There will be a history at the very least.

2) Tools on the battery access panel are loose. I blue taped some items, and added Velcro at specific spots.

3) Rear center seat belt stowed, it’s loose there. Take it out and let it hang to test. I don’t have a permanent solution for this one, but if it’s stowed for long term, I’d suggest letting it hang or add blue tap on the tip for the interim.
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Update on #1 above.
Sure enough, it was re-installed and the scenario I described above played out to a T. I called out the Service Advisor, he called the tech. Said it was cross threaded in, therefore it had a larger gap, hence the loose clip. Denied looking into it further. I asked to speak with a Service manager, concluded that they would look into it further in a future appt under warranty.

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To close out the month of May…

Observe the standard adhesive padding along the spare tire cover on the bottom 3 tabs. These are used to minimize plastic to plastic contacts. Thus validates Items #2 & 3 from first post.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

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