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***Group Buy 2015 Headlights with LED DRL***

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There is a group buy for the 2015 headlights. They will fit SE, LE, and XLE. Only $800.00 plus shipping to the 50 states. First 10 people. No returns. Deadline is 1/2/2015. Its a great upgrade for you 2010 - 2014 Sienna! Get yours now! I did a DIY and it was not that bad. Just need to know what wires to tap in.

Please email me at [email protected].

Let me know if you are interested.

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Is too late to jump on this group buy?! I'm interested! My email: [email protected] or text: 808-688-8388
What about the Limited? Anyone know if the 2015 lights have adjustable height settings like all 2011+ Limited models? Is this just the housing where the current adjustable HID lights can fit into?
I felt a round cap that is removable on the bottom of my '15 SE headlight. Do you know what that cap covers up?
Email sent no reply. This still good, would like to make the mod to my Sienna.
Please email me at [email protected]. Just need your shipping address. Thank you. The round cap is to access the light. I did not receive an email BDConan. Thanks guys!
What is involved with switching out the 2015 XLE's assemblies with these? Plug and play or any additional equipment or wiring necessary?

Do you provide a step-by-step for installation?
Are these the bi-xenon version found on the Limited Premium, or just the regular halogen version?
Step-by-step installation will definitely help! Fishcandy, did u get my PM?
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Auto part Wire

I took my headlight off and the bottom cap is to access the LED board plug. I guess you need to be able to remove the harness or install it when you split the lens and body.
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I would make a donation$ to anyone who has detailed instructions on this headlight swap/upgrade. I currently have a 2103 Limited.
will there be another group buy in the future?
or does anyone have a hook up on limited headlights (LED with HID Projectors)?
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