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Heater Control Panel Bulb PN

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The bulb illuminating the temperature control knob on my 2002 Sienna CE burned out. I found the following video that explains how to replace that bulb and it shows PN 90981-11014 as the replacement bulb.

For anyone changing these bulbs on a 2002 Sienna, the above video mostly useful. However, in the 2002 Sienna, the black bezel around the instrument panel must be removed first which then allows the removal of 2 screws beside the instrument panel. Also, I discovered that, with the bezels all removed for bulb replacement, the disconnected switches prevent the turn signals from working. Be prepared to use hand signals if you need to go for ride in the middle of this job.

My Toyota dealer looked up the bulb for my application, which was also PN 90981-11014. Having tried out this bulb, I see that it does fit the socket. The new bulb lights up but it's skinnier than the old one so the green cover doesn't fit the new bulb.

I found the following PNs in another topic in this forum: EWG 203 JKL and also 9006998004 (SHOWS NEW # 9033904049)

Is there a green cover for PN 90981-11014 or is there another bulb that fits like the original? Any advice?
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I asked my local Toyota dealer to find me the green covers for the PN 90981-11014 bulbs but, because Toyota has changed bulbs several times and because the cover PN descriptions don't indicate which bulbs they fit, he was not able to look up the correct green cover for the replacement bulb. Since my daughter has some surplus green nail polish, I decided to paint the bulbs instead. The following photo shows the old bulbs (with & without cover) and the painted bulbs.

Green Glass Hypodermic needle

I needed pliers to remove and replace the left (temperature & fan speed) bulb in its socket.

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It was fun reassembling the dashboard. I managed to drop the screw securing the large dashboard bezel on the right side of the instrument cluster into the center console. I had to remove the 2 screws on the left side of the console and pull it away to find the screw. It managed to lodge itself in a stiffening rib on the side of the console.
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I agree that it was fun. I just changed my bulbs this weekend.
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