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Hella Wiring on stock horn plugs

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those of you who have done thsi mod, how did you make the connection? The stock horns have one wire each with a male plug that has a blade type connecter while the Hella horns have two. Are the stock horn connectors polarity sensitive?

Lastly, any place to source the Toyota female horn plug (tht is on the stock horn).

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I highly recommend (very highly!) powering your Hella horns from the accessory bolt on the positive clamp of the battery cable and using a relay to transfer the power to the Hella horns based on a trigger the relay receives from one of the existing horn wires. That will ensure that your Hella horns get full power, don't sound wimpy and that your Sienna's horn circuit is protected from overload. Yes, some people get away without using a relay - I tried that once and learned a lesson.

If you have the red Hella Supertone horns and plan to place them in from of the radiator, the red horn grills are easily removed and can be spray painted black so that they are not obvious. You can even leave your current horns in place and use them in conjunction with the Hellas.

Any auto parts store can set you up with a horn relay - it should come with a wiring diagram. The last time I did this I bought the relay, wire and connectors at an Advance Auto store and fabricated a wiring harness and covered it with heat shrink tubing - looked OEM when installed.
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The supertones came with a relay. I did a mockup test without teh relay and they sounded fine. I am still undecided about using the Hella relay that came with the supertones. Since the existing horn already has a built in relay with a fuse wouldn't an additional relay/fuse be an overkill. Maybe I'll end up using it just to avoid any issues (in case you need to buzz it for more than 4 seconds, you never know).

As for the trigger connection from the relay to the stock harness, does anyone have the partno for the single wire female connector or a place to source one. The existing connector is directly on the horns.
Had my 05 LTD for 9 years with hella supertone with no relay and never had an issue with it. The single OEM plug goes to the positive terminal on the hella supertone. You have to make your own ground wire from the negative terminal and hook it to the bolt that holds the horn. Since the sienna has already 2 horns and also has a relay/fuse, it should be OK. I have never heard problems with sienna owners upgrading their horns with hella supertone or the horn type with a problem. But, it is always your call. I mod my OEM horn by taking the covers off and made it louder specially the high tone.
The single OEM plug goes to the positive terminal on the hella supertone. You have to make your own ground wire from the negative terminal
Can you suggest a conenctor for the +VE terminal on the horn and the horn wire on the Van. They are both flat male connectors. I am looking for soemthing more OEM.
Just make a 3-4 in. extension wire with female spade connectors on both ends and shrink wrap them. This way, you don't have to cut your OEM connector if you plan to install the OEM horns back again and keep your supertones.
Without the relay, its a 30 minute DIY, tops. The supertones are a direct change on the existing horn. I used these quick connects from Advance Auto


Stock Wire +VE (each horn) ---> One terminal on the Hella horn (each). Since the horn terminals are polarity free, you need to ensure that both connections are on the same side i.e. with horns mounted, if you pick the left connector on the 1st horn, then pick the same left connector on the 2nd one

The other connector on each horn connects to ground (-VE). I used the same bolts which were used to connect the horns.

Here you can see them from teh front and top

and with the Grill on...

If you want to use the relay (it comes with the supertones), use the connections below
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