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Hello from Indiana. 2006 Sienna LE 2wd

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Hey all, this seems like a great wealth of info.

I have a 2006 Sienna LE, blue. Great car for my family for the past 35k+ miles, bought used at 70k, now almost 110.

My first post (Shifter Cable Bushing at Shifter Failed, disintegrated...) was a guide on how to replace the shifter cable bushing for 2nd gen Siennas using Dorman part 14797. If anyone is interested I'd appreciate feedback there.

Also if anyone has suggestions for 110k mileage maintenance for my 06 Sienna I would love to hear your thoughts there.

I hope to remain active on this forum as I'm trying to start taking care of this thing more, it's been a great car but I've somewhat neglected it, doing the minimum in maintenance. I'd like to drive this thing into the ground and I hope thats past 300k miles.

Thanks for the add!
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Welcome to the forum. Well oil and Trans fluid is a good thing. You are at a point of the Timing belt needs to be done and possible water pump. I think plugs are due soon and well due to age not a bad idea.

You are at a point that you will need to sink a couple $$$ into it. As you said it was neglected for some time.
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