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Hitch mounted cargo box

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I’m leaning toward a hitch mounted cargo box, perhaps the stowaway, swing away standard box.
Would like to hear from those who currently use any brand of hitch mounted boxes and your experiences with them.
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Did not work for me. Waaaay to low and the scraping was not tolerable. I gave it away to someone that had a much higher hitch clearance. I was bummed it did not work out.
Maybe.....but my curt hitch sits so low anyhow and any additional weight extending off an extra foot would probably still scrape the hitch, if not the actual carrier. It really needs more height from the suspension. If you have any additional weight in the back of the van as passengers or cargo and another 200 plus pounds sticking out further, the hitch extension will probably drag on any road dips, speed bumps etc.......the carrier may not due to the rise.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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