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Hitch mounted cargo box

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I’m leaning toward a hitch mounted cargo box, perhaps the stowaway, swing away standard box.
Would like to hear from those who currently use any brand of hitch mounted boxes and your experiences with them.
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I have a 6 inch riser. I say go higher as long as it doesn't block rear hatch from opening. As stated above, the riser still scraps speedbumps relatively easily. Cargo box should be ok, unless it extends too far back and gets weighted down like my hitch carrier does.
Putting riser is fine to get more clearance, but I read that it would reduce hitch weight capacity/limit in ~half (most likely due to having 2 joints instead of 1).
I was worried about not be able to open the hatch, so I got this hitch mounted rack that "slides out" by Let's Go Aero few years ago.
With the standard hitch rack configuration, it sits quite low and I was worried about scraping on bumps. So I purchased separate raised sliding base from the same company.
I also installed Air Lift 1000 on rear suspension.

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Here are several images from the web.
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And here's the difference between standard vs raised "pipe". I have both pipes and I use raised one for Sienna to get more clearance.
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Good point. I believe it is the additional distance that puts additional leverage that reduces load capacity. IIRC, hitch carriers seem to be rated around 200lbs which kind of works out within 375lbs tongue limit even at approximately double the rate.
You may be right about the actual reason (I wasn't sure about it...).
That's why I wanted to get raiser in a single piece and I'm glad that the manufacturer had exactly what I wanted. ;)
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