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Hitch mounted cargo box

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I’m leaning toward a hitch mounted cargo box, perhaps the stowaway, swing away standard box.
Would like to hear from those who currently use any brand of hitch mounted boxes and your experiences with them.
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I had the AirLift bags in my wife's '93 Previa many, many years ago. Also went the extra mile and installed a compressor and under-dash controls so I did not have to locate an air station when necessary. With the compressor connected to a switched power wire, it would maintain a minimum pressure at all times. If I remember correctly, this also enabled an extended warranty on the bags. The only issue I had was the supplied pressure switch maintained 10 psi, which was a bit stiff with the van empty. I found they had an option for a 5 psi switch. That made all the difference.

I also learned that it helps if you inflate the bags BEFORE you add the load, if possible. The bags do their job by preventing movement, rather than restoring height, so if you load first, you might just lock in that height.

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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