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How many miles do you have?

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This was on the Siennaclub as a thread. So how many miles do you have on your Sienna? :)

For us we have 38,924 miles on our 2007 Sienna XLE. ;D
Bought 9-16-08 with 20,810 miles. So that's 18,114 miles we put on it in about 6-7 months. 8)
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Rallytruck said:
Re: How many miles do you have?
I have a 2006 XLE bought brand new in Dec. 2006. It has 58,000 miles on it now. One major repair for power steering leak. Other than that, it runs great!
My 06 XLE just got 72k. More than half of the miles is from our family long trip. I am surprised by the high mileages by others if they are not using it as commercial vehicle.
Do you like it better than your 05 when it was new? I recently did a test of 2013 XLE. I am not impressed by the inside cabin quality and the ride of the 2013 model.

I recently traded my 2005 XLE with 110,500 miles for a 2013 XLE.
My 06 XLE has reached 100K this week. I purchased it new in November, 2006. It still looks like new and everything works normal. keep my finger crossed. I will drive it to ground!
Congrats to you guys! I was thinking to get to 200k miles from this van would be enough, it looks like there is a lot more life on it. I will try my best to reach 300k miles.

Our 1998 had 32 miles when we bought it in Feb. 1998 and now has 275,378 miles......I just changed the transmission fluid!
I am curious when you changed the spark plug in your van?
Mine is 06 XLE, it has 125k miles on it now. The only things needs to be changed on the maintenance list is spark plug now.

2006 Sienna LE just over 230K
SIL bought it barely used in 2007, but did all of the maintenance on time.
Runs perfectly, everything works, doesn't even burn oil.
I hope to get another 100K out of it, at least.
My 06 Toyota Sienna XLE has more than 186k miles now after our recent trip. it still runs very smooth. I am going to drive it until it dies.
Mine just reached 200k miles today on my way home:)


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Just checked mine. It has 219,312 miles on it as of today Jan 7, 2022. Still drives like new.

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06 XLE with 226,420 miles as of today. Inflated the backup tire, polished the head lights, and waxed it. I am ready for my road trip starting tomorrow :)

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