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Inexpensive, readily available wheels for winter tires

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I've ordered winter tires, and now I need to get four wheels to match. I'm not finding much on CL. If I could get along with bright chrome Lexus wheels, I could have my pick.

I like the 14 hole the van came with fine. LKQ (local recycled parts yard) has these for $130.

LKQ has 5 spoke wheels for $70, which seems very reasonable. I have a 5-spoke wheel with the full size spare. Since they are reasonably priced, I assume there enough to pick from to avoid a bunch of curb rash. I don't think they look as nice as the 14 hole, but to save $240 for the set...

I have also seen reproduction 14 spoke on Ebay, which are probably fine but it makes me a little nervous to buy a wheel from Ebay that was made in who-knows-where with who-knows-what kind of quality standards. So I am probably going to get factory wheels, and go over each one carefully looking for signs of collision damage or neglectful driving.

If you know of a readily avail Highlander or Lexus SUV wheel that looks good on our 2nd gen vans, let me know. I don't want anything too rare that would be hard to get a replacement for. With two teenage drivers, curbs happen.

Thanks in advance for letting me know what you have done or considered.
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If you find wheels that use a shank-style lugnut, the lugnuts should center the wheel correctly with a larger bore. I went out of my way to find a Toyota/Lexus/Scion fitment to get the correct center bore. I drive harder through the bends, on-ramps and roundabouts than the average citizen. I needed no wondering about equipment failure.
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