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Inland Empire SoCal potential Sienna 25th AE fwd availability

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Attention people of the Inland Empire in Southern California.

In the next few days, a potential buying opportunity for a 2023 XSE 25th Anniversary Edition FWD in pearl white may become available. [2nd row ottomans and spare tire.] This is my reserved Sienna.

I’m possibly getting the 25AE AWD because it has potentially become available from the same dealership because that customer got it sooner from another dealership.

I recently expressed my second thoughts and doubts about reserving the FWD on this forum as well as the salesman. He’s giving me first crack at it. This is my opportunity, yay!

Therefore, this would make my reserved Sienna up for grabs and available to the public. I will update this thread and post pertinent information accordingly, such as dealership and salesman’s name. No kickbacks. And keep this in mind, there will be a markup.

Follow and stay tuned.
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Thanks..but Im not interested in a "markup", when local dealers here are selling new Sienna's at MSRP. The dealers who are "short sighted" and gouge the public with markups over MSRP are gonna have angry customers when they find out many others dont charge over msrp. Worse, they will likely have negative equity..its an awful position to be in, as most people dont want to write a big check to sell or trade their car.

Its inevitable that many of these customers paying "markups" will be angry and not buy at that dealer again. I would be suprised to see if these dealerships last more than a couple years. Repeat business is important, and, if you overpaid, it often means you cant trade in until you have finally eliminated or reduced negative equity. Most lenders dont want you rolling 5 grand of negative equity into the car they are financing. Thus, you are stuck.

"Markups" over MSRP remind me of drugs..yea, they get high on these high profits, but they soon come down from that and want still more, and it does not take long for that "profit high" to dry up, and leave both customers and dealers depressed and desperate.
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