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Interfacing to 2011 OEM backup camera, AVIC-8100NEX

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Hi all - first post here. I wanted to see if anyone could provide a definitive answer regarding interfacing the OEM backup camera to a Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX in dash nav, or any other nav HU for that fact. I've seen some posts say you can just alter an RCA video cable and interface that way, and others say you need something akin to a Beat-Sonic BC6+BC1 interface adapter. Part of the discussions I've seen also say there's a need to step-down the +12V signal to 6V in order to properly capture the signal.
So, with that said - does anyone have a definitive answer on this? What has worked? I apologize if the answer is buried somewhere in these forums, but if so, I'd appreciate some guidance one way or the other.

Thanks in advance for any responses and help.

Have a great day!
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You've never had a problem with your wiring method? Did you simply wire the reverse signal out of your nex5000 to mini screen reverse signal, and then the RCA wires to the mini screen video+ and video-? If this is not correct, can you divulge?
Thanks again...
Has anyone else attempted the RCA cable interface and not been able to make it work?
Here's the article that been referred to in other posts. It shows how its author replaced his stock radio with an aftermarket unit and how he connected the stock backup camera to it. For whatever reason, however, his method for backup camera connection didn't work for me in my 2013 LE with my Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX.
What method DID work for you? Do you remember? I've seen most of the references people point to like the link above (alexapps), but people still report failures while some say it works....I'm wondering if it just comes down to loose taps, incorrect wiring, or bad solder (shorts too?). The whole 12V vs. 6V argument doesn't seem resolved in most forums either....but as EthanSienna said, different trim packages may present slight differences in wiring, combined with the various head units people have installed.
Thanks for all the responses. One last questions regarding the in-dash nav install: where is the easiest location to tap into the vehicle speed sensor wire?
My in-dash nav has a speed sensor input, and I need to tap into the vehicle speed sensor wire. Would be great if this wire was directly behind the stereo somewhere...
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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