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Interior Trim Color (Gen 4)

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I have scoured toyota and the internet and I stil can't seem to determine what color my interior plastics are.
I have a 2022 Sienna XSE with the gray flannel softex and it looks like the trim is neutral warm gray or cool gray. My trim is a two done dark gray and black.
Does anyone know where I can find this information?
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Not to hijack your thread but I'm trying to find this info as well. You can find your color code on the driver door label.

Mine is FA10 = Fabric color code 10 (Base LE). Translating this to Toyota parts site seems more difficult than necessary. I believe it is "LT GRAY" but there are 3 options for the trim pieces I am after: NEUTRAL WARM GRAY, LT.GRAY, and COOL GRAY..

The part details mention TRIM10, TRIM11 etc.. I'm thinking the 10 corresponds to the FA10 number.
I did as the person above suggested and logged in to the toyota owners website and I was able to find that mine is called the 'Neutral Warm Gray' based on my VIN. I hope this will help you too.
Thanks, unfortunately mine only shows "Gray" as the interior color
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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