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Issue with Interior Blower and Temp Controls

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**Update - On my way in to dealer this morning I figure I might as well check it before pulling into the midtown tunnel (and fighting the traffic). It's suddenly working:). Either my car is schizo or I've got a lose connection somewhere. Would be great to hear of anyone else having this issue. Don't exactly want it to go dead in January when it's colder out.****

Suddenly stopped working. No warning lights/messages. Just can't turn the driver and passenger fans on or off and cannot adjust the temperature in the car. Rear blowers work and the windshield blowers work.

Also, moon roof no longer opens and closes though this is a separate issue as this stopped working a few months ago. My guess is that the switch wore out (seems to have been faulty design).

It's a 2011 XE.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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