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JBL Speakers Upgrade Suggestions

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Hey folks - I have a Sienna Platinum which comes with JBL speakers, it sounds okay... but wanted something better. Do you have any suggestions regarding options to upgrade from JBL to better systems? For those that upgraded their speakers - what did you go with?

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Thank you all! Let me try turning off the surround mode and see if there's any improvement.
I slathered the two front doors with sound deadening material over the weekend. HUGE improvement in quietness and it made the bass from the two front door woofers much better. The rear hatch subwoofer is a joke. I disconnected it to test while I was adding sound deadening to the hatch and the bass from the two front doors was more than what came from the actual sub in the hatch.

Highly recommend doing the two front doors. I haven’t had time to do the two sliding doors. They’re next.

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Can you share the link to the material you used? I'll try the two front doors as well.
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